Welcome to the user guide for Metadata Hopper! Here you will find information on how to use Metadata Hopper. If you are unable to find the answer you need, please use the help form available through Metadata Hopper to contact your portal manager.

This user guide is divided up into four sections:

  • In the General section, you will find general information about Metadata Hopper as well as information about the Administration section.
  • In the Deposit section, you will find information about creating rules and uploading content into Metadata Hopper.
  • In the Working with digital objects section, you will find information on browsing the objects you have uploaded as well as adding tags and connections to those objects.
  • In the Making content available section, you find information on previewing and publishing objects.

You can also access from this page a change log. This change log records major updates to Metadata Hopper.